It’s been twenty-three days since I took possession of the base model Midnight M2 MacBook Air .

First – I did not like the original MacBook Air design when Steve Jobs introduced it in 2008. Yes, it was revolutionary at the time due to it being extremely thin. However, I was not impressed with the wedge look as well as the fact that it was severely underpowered for what I needed.

Second – Like the MacBook Pro before it, I (and others) assumed that with a new chip architecture (PPC to Intel, Intel to Apple Silicon), a redesign was in order for their machines. I was disappointed; yet I still bought the M1 MacBook Pro since I needed a new computer. That didn’t last long, and I ended up parting ways with it over a year later.

Third – Apple surprised the hell out of me when they introduced the M2 chip and a complete redesign of the MacBook Air. Gone was the wedge design and an underpowered machine that was a sub-$1000 computer just for the sake of padding Tim Cook’s bonus.

And with that, I decided upon the base model: 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD in Midnight color. I don’t like gold, silver is too common, and Space Grey has run its course. Plus, blue is my favorite color and Midnight hits the sweet spot.

Completely worth the $1099 + tax (shameless Amazon affiliate link).