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Link of the Week: Vladstudio

One of my favorite places to get new wallpaper for my iPhone (and my computers) is from Vladstudio . The artist, Vlad Gerasimov , has some of the best illustrated wallpapers out there, and he’s always creating new pieces and posting them on his website.

While the wallpapers are free, you do have the option of supporting Vlad by becoming a premium member. Not only does the small, one-time fee ($15 minimum with the option of choosing to pay more) support him, but it also enables you to download all the images as a ZIP pack and gives you access to all premium artworks.

I believe I became a member back in 2008 or around that time, and I will say that I definitely got my money’s worth over the years. In fact, a few pages on this site have header images that came from Vladstudio (attributed appropriately, of course).

So, if you’re looking for wallpapers, e-cards, Facebook covers, and more, you owe it to yourself to check out Vladstudio and see what’s available.

Vladstudio  – Premium Wallpapers & More

 Credit: Header image Astronaut  by Vladstudio

The Life and Death of Geauga Lake Amusement Park

Do you have time for a tale? Sit back, relax, and dive into the interesting and timeless case of Geauga Lake, a tiny family park that started humbly enough, before rocketing overnight into international headlines by combining with a full-sized SeaWorld to create the world’s largest Six Flags.

A gargantuan park of mega-coasters, killer whales, dizzying flat rides, a Batman water ski show, dolphins, log flumes, Hurricane Harbor, and motion simulators for one price, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure was conceptually prepared to become the best theme park on Earth.

Theme Park Tourist 

I’ll admit: I visited Sea World with my family in the early 90s as a pre-teen, and so I don’t recall much about Geauga Lake. However, I was aware of Six Flags Worlds of Adventure while in college but never visited. I didn’t realize that it was the world’s largest amusement park for a short time. Even worse, I’m ashamed to admit that even as an Ohio citizen, I never knew it closed down over 12 years ago until reading this article.

Sit back, grab a drink, and read the incredible history of Geauga Lake Amusement Park.

20 Years of Aqua

At Macworld 2000, Steve Jobs unveiled the user interface for Mac OS X. It was called Aqua.
512 Pixels 

Has it really been that long since Steve Jobs demoed Aqua to the world? Seriously, I was just 19 when this was announced and a freshman in college. I still remember the keynote to this day and I could not wait to try out the new interface; hell, my computer was supposed to support it so I was definitely excited.

Damn, time flies by too fast. Now, get the hell off my lawn.

One-Hit Wonders, MLB Style →

In modern Major League history, 154 position players finished their professional careers with just one plate appearance in the Major Leagues, their careers distilled down to a single stint or, in the famous case of Eddie Gaedel, a single stunt.

Of those 154, just 16 ripped a hit.

Of those 16, only five are living.

They are baseball’s one-hit wonders. One walk from the on-deck circle to the batter’s box. One trip down the first-base line. One story to tell.

These are their stories.

MLB – MLB Ultimate One-Hit Wonders 

I really enjoyed the stories from the living players and had no idea that there was a player as current as 2008 on this list.

Not sure how I’d feel, really: having a 1.000 batting average for my career stat, or the fact that I only had 1 hit, 1 at-bat as my career stat also.

Reminds me of the first time I ever played golf. Ended up getting a hole-in-one on my second hole and never played again.