For reasons that I can’t even figure out, I’ve been interested in weather, seasons, sunsets/sunrises, and the data behind them.

Starting with Autumn this year, I decided to compile data for the season and then continue throughout the next year for all of the other seasons, broken down by month.

Since the season began on September 22 this year, there isn’t too much to compare just yet, as seen in the image below.

Fall Sunset and Sunrise with Temps - September 2022

This data is collected from my area in Ohio (northwest region), so it’s very specific to that location.

 Stats for Autumn in September:

  • Average length of day: 11:58
  • Average hi temp: 64°F
  • Average low temp: 47°F

 I chose to simplify a little bit; meaning I’m only counting hours and minutes, and the temperature is a whole number.

Not too bad, considering September only had 9 days of Autumn. I’m looking forward to seeing what October brings compared to September, and then the whole season overall through December 20th.

I’m probably the only one interested in this but hey, this is my little corner of the web anyway.